Grooved Pegboard Test




Grooved Pegboard Test


The Grooved Pegboard task measures eye-hand coordination and motor speed.

Administration Instructions
The apparatus is placed with the peg tray oriented above the pegboard. The patient is instructed to  insert the pegs, matching the groove of the peg with the groove of the hole, filling the rows in a given  direction as quickly as possible, without skipping any slots. The dominant hand is tested first. When  using the right hand, the patient is asked to work from left to right (alternatively, the left hand works  right to left). The patient is warned that only one peg should be picked up at a time and that only one hand is to be used. If a peg is dropped, the examiner does not retrieve it; rather, one of the pegs  correctly placed (usually, the first or second peg) is taken out and used again.
The examiner demonstrates one row before allowing the patient to begin. A practice trial is not given,  and a trial may be discontinued after 5 min. In the HRNES (Russell and Starkey, 1993) version, the  person continues until all pegs have been placed or until a time limit of 3 min has been reached. ln both versions, the examiner begins timing after cueing the individual to begin.


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